About Us – Overthrow Clothing

About Us

Overthrow is an outdoor lifestyle brand based out of Phoenix, Arizona. 

We create top quality everyday wear that is designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. You can expect classic, approachable styles made from lightweight and soft fabrics with great fits. The brand is highly influenced by the skate and snowboarding communities as well as the music scene and outdoor culture. 

Our graphics and designs are not only original to the Overthrow brand, but unlike anything you are likely to stumble upon in your typical mall setting. We provide our customers with fresh styles that are not tied to current trends. Whenever possible, we opt for American manufacturing.

Each season we introduce new graphics. These designs are limited and will not be seen again, so grab them while you can!

We began in 2012 selling graphic tees at local metal shows and to friends at house parties. We have become more sophisticated (if only somewhat), and you can now shop our products online and at our great boutique retailers. You can also find us at pop-ups with sweRVe, our converted '98 RV-shop, and twice annually at Phoenix Flea in Downtown Phoenix. 

Today, our modestly sized team of expert designers in Los Angeles, California create our cut and sew styles by hand with care. 

Made in the Desert. Since 2012