WATCH: 'CACTI-JAM' 2017 at Sunet Parks – Overthrow Clothing

WATCH: 'CACTI-JAM' 2017 at Sunet Parks

3rd annual CACTI-JAM



2017 Overthrow CACTI-JAM from Matt Valley on Vimeo.


Thank you to all the riders, sponsors, and organizers who made the 2017 CACTI-JAM a huge success once again. Check out the edit above from Matt Valley and Matt Coldren. Special thanks to the hard working team behind Sunset Terrain Parks and Arizona Snowbowl.

Shoutout to our 18+ winners:

Women's Snowboard
1. Hannah Saleck
2. Jess Tennyson
3. Farrah Spillman

Women's Ski
1. Liz Nichols

Men's Ski
1. Jared Stern
2. Julian Dresler
3. Erowynn Lathem

Men's Snowboard
1.Anton Ryzenkov
2. Josh Naasz
3. Lucas Foster

Best Trick: Buzz Holbrook


Thank you to our sponsors Ski Haus, Oncore, Electric, BlackStrap, Rome Snowboards and Grand Canyon Excavators

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