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Guest Post: A Weekend with the Amateurists

We caught up with babe'n duo Lauren & Shea, AKA The Amateurists, to talk weekend escapes in some of the best terrain the southwest has to offer. Current students in northern Utah, these two roommates serve up travel envy on the regular and seek out the best gear to aid their adventuring. Read what they had to say and cop their style below...

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  • What are your favorite weekend getaway locations?
    In the springtime we love exploring the Uinta’s. This includes stopping in Park City to cruise down Main St. and stop at our favorite taco joint for some carne asada tacos and pizza. Our getaway continues through Kamas, and down the Mirror Lake Highway. We like to make several stops up the mountain to different lakes. There are several to choose from! We are talking around 20-30 in our reach. However, we love the Crystal Lake Trail towards Ibantik Lake. Along this trail there are awesome places to camp for the night. You can even find a small hidden lake too and have it all to yourself!

  • Have any trail tips?
    Go on weekdays. During the weekend the trail up towards Island Lake can get very busy.
    If we plan to make a day out of it, the only gear we recommend are good hiking shoes and a comfortable pack.


  • If you are heading out on a day trip, what's going in your pack? What are your favorite snacks on the go?
    As far as snacks go… We don’t like nuts so we go with a bag of cracked pepper pretzel crisps, pink lemonade PowerAde in our water bottles, beef jerky (but at this point it is probably gone) and a PB&J and apple of course.

    Instagram: @amateurists Photos: @brookenicolphotography
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