Daytrippin' – Overthrow Clothing


camping flatlay
By the end of the work week that instinctual adventure itch is kicking in and it's time to get out of town. For us that may mean hopping on our bikes and finding a desert oasis out in the superstitions or shooting up the Beeline for some Mogo Rim seclusion. Hell, after a couple IPAs pitching a hammock in our dustbowl backyard is enough.
Whatever the occasion, don't forget the essentials.
  • Premium tee to keep you comfortable
  • Camp hat to reject those rays
  • Collapsible coffee filter to help fuel your return journey. We got ours at the local REI.
  • Camp Mug. These fit 13oz., so coffee or a can of beer, it's your call.
  • Jetboil. A essential for any extended adventure; make your mountain house edible and prep some clean(er) water on the fly.
  • House the goods in a comfortable backpack appropriate for short trips. We scored ours from Electric.
  • OG Logo Bottle. Our exclusive Mizu stainless steel bottles keep your drink cooler longer and fit easily into your bag or bike cage. Email to purchase.

What are your adventure gear essentials? Favorite place to escape to? Let us know in the comments!

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