Made in the Desert, By Vince Dwyer – Overthrow Clothing

Made in the Desert, By Vince Dwyer


"I recently took a trip out to Four Peaks in Arizona to do a shoot with Overthrow Clothing.  The clothing company has a tagline for a lot of their recent clothing "Made In The Desert"  So I came up with the idea to go way out in the desert and do a shoot.  We had a blast.  We brought beers & guns and after we finished just hung out and enjoyed being away from civilization for a bit.  "
Gear Overview:  Canon 5D M3, Canon 70-200 2.8, Einstein E640, 47" Octabox, Cyber Commander, Cyber Transreceiver, and a couple plain white poster boards for reflection.
made in the desert hoodie
overthrow outerwear
photoshoot setup
desert sunset
photoshoot setup 2
zak hansen overthrow
overthrow mizu

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